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Buat yang kangen banget ama Appa yang satu ini, Yui mau postingin berita terbaru dari Appa. Udah sebulan lebih Appa Kim Nam Gil ngejalanin pelatihan wamilnya neh. Pengen tau keadaan Appa kita sekarangkan??

Soalnya nih, denger-denger Appa kita yang satu ini "Receives An Award As The Best Trainee From Training Camp".
Wow...that's cool, Appa kita ini emank gak setengah-setengah deh kalo ngerjain sesuatu.
Check This Photo:

Appa, waktu dapat penghargaan sebagai Best Trainee

He look like a model ^^

Selain itu ada juga berita tentang Appa KNG yang ditulis sesama trainee loh. Dia menceritakan orang seperti apa KNG itu. Klo kalian semua baca pasti deh dijamin makin cinta ama Appa KNG kita ini (kya aku....^^ hahha..).

Check this news:

First News:
Kim Nam Gil Receives An Award As The Best Trainee From Training Camp!^^

“Kim Nam Gil is very gentle and nice man. He seems like a big brother for us. I had a chance to eat with him at the same table. I love beef dish. He gave up a half of his beef dish for me because he knows that I love that dish.”

“You guys can’t imagine how Kim Nam Gil loves and misses his fans. Sometimes he stayed up all night to read fan letters depend on dim light from a little lantern.” (In the military camp the light must be turned off after 10 O’clock and everybody should go to bed.)

“Kim Nam Gil is very humble and friendly person. He’s not like a movie star, but like a big brother. He loves play and laugh with his colleagues. Last 3 days before we are back home, he had to autograph for his colleagues until midnight everyday.”

“Kim Nam Gil is in charge of his platoon as a captain. He is very responsible man. He is the role-model for us during the training period.”

How do you feel after hearing this? He still awesome everywhere he is. Goodluck Kim Nam Gil!

Here the video link for his award :

second news:
Number 157 is humble and sincere man
“I’m a trainee what received trainings with KNG at the same camp. Each trainee has own service number and KNG’s number is 157. He belongs to #4 platoons and he is the captain of #4 platoons.

When I arrived at the camp, I was looking for him because I never had a chance to see a celebrity. It was not easy for me to find him among thousands of trainees because everybody has the same hair-style. Finally I found him in a dining hall and he was serving the food right that time.

The first thing came up my mind when I saw him there was “Wow! He has a very dark complexion and white teeth. He is tall!!” He was fascinating, but eventually became more like a big brother or friend rather than a celebrity.

There were several happenings during shooting practices. Once KNG checked a trainees’ loaded gun (this is one of his main job as a captain of platoon) and the gun fired by accidently. Of course the bulletin was not real. He, however, took the responsibility of the accident as a captain and took a punishment with the trainee. The punishment was prostrating him for half an hour. He took the punishment in a very serious way and he endured well for half an hour in the fixed position.

KNG also broadcasted “Time Meditation” to all trainees before bed-time every weekend. He always finished his broadcast with saying “This training camp does together with ‘Girls Generation’, ‘Wonder Girls’ and ‘Kara’!!” (which means we miss and love ‘GG’, ‘WG’ and ‘KR’ :P )

We took a shower together. He stood up all night to autograph for his colleagues during the last 3 days. He loved to talk with his colleagues. Once he told us about his car accident and his surgery. He also promised to his colleagues to buy good dinner after release from the trainings.

Anyway, KNG received his trainings very hard just like us as an ordinary man. He was very humble and sincere man, so that sometimes I can’t believe that he used to be a celebrity. I and all trainees had a really good time with him and could make a good memory because of him. So, I would like to say to him. ” Thank You!”.”
from: soompi

Personal Opinion:
Makin cinta neh ama Appa Kim Nam Gil...huaaaaa....dia emank orang yang patut diacungin jempol buat ke humble an en sincerenya dia. Bener-bener selebriti yang down to earth banget. Appa, i really miss you ^^. I'm the biggest fans of you :)


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