Lee Min Ho next drama : City Hunter

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Good news for Lee Min Ho fans. He will play the lead role in upcoming SBS drama, titled City Hunter.
City Hunter is a popular Japanese manga written by Tsukasa Hojo. Although received many offer to make this manga into a TV drama, City Hunter never made it because the writer wanted several demands for the perfection of his manga.

But, finally Lee Min Ho’s appeal meets the City Hunter’s writer demands.

Lee Min Ho will play a city hero who saved many citizen. But he is also a sexy hero, a womanizer who plays around with beautiful women.

Unlike the original manga which set at Tokyo in 1980s, the Korean version of City Hunter will set at Seoul in 2011.

City Hunter will be directed by PD Jin Hyuk who directed Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess and Painter of The Wind. The scriptwriter is Lee Young Joong , who written script for thriller movies : Private Eye(2009) and Black House(2007)

City Hunter will air on SBS next year.

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