Who"s Better on The Same Cardigan???

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JYJ’s Yoochun and 2PM’s Nichkhun’s captures wearing the same outfits was spread through internet and becomes a hot topic.

Previously Nichkhun had appeared at show MBC ‘We Got Married’ wearing stripes cardigan with face of members British rock band ‘The Beatles’ printed on in black-white color. While Yoochun was also spotted wearing exactly the same cardigan at SBS ‘Good Morning’ show aired on last January 18th, however he added a scarf in his style that gives off different feeling from Nichkhun style, thus drew public’s attention.

Netizens started to throw comments about ‘Who is wearing it better, Nichkhun or Yoochun’.

Since the two males, Nichkhun and Yoochun have been representatives of handsome star with superior genes, it seems difficult to choose who’s the better.

Netizens said various comments such as, “They’re both my favorite beautiful men! ha ha” and “Yoochun who wore it with a matching gray scarf seems to look nicer.”


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