T/N: He didn’t buy this particular car. However, according to tvreport, he did buy a BMW M3

Actor Park Yoohwan expresses gratitude towards his brother Park Yoochun, because Yoochun bought a car for Yoohwan as present.

On February 15th, Yoohwan expressed to media, “I have always liked cars and had a strong interest in them. I have recently got my driver’s license, I saw a car I really liked and told my brother, and my brother really bought the car for me as a present.”

The car Yoochun bought his brother was a mid-sized sedan, Park Yoohwan explained, “I understand the car’s price is based off its performance.”

He continued in saying, “At that time I said to my brother, if I do work hard I hope hyung can buy me a car. I prepared to debut around Christmas, my brother bought the car for me as encouragement.”

“When I told my brother I wanted to become an actor, my brother was concerned and told me it’s not a easy path to take. I also felt worried, but in the end I decided to become an actor, my brother is very supportive of me and encourage me to work hard to realize my goals. I’m very grateful for my this big present from my brother. I will work hard, to live up to my brother’s expectations

Park Yoohwan is acting in MBC drama Shiny Shiny Shining.

NB: He's a really good Hyung....so sweet to know's they brothership :)


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