Park Yoohwan confessed that he started his acting lesson together with his older brother JYJ Park Yoochun. Previously Park Yoochun was involved in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ drama and while he was learning his acting for the drama, Park Yoohwan learned along with him.

Park Yoohwan said, “Hyung has a lot of broadcasting experiences, thus he’s full of confidence. Meanwhile I didn’t even know there were 1, 2, 3 cameras. I was terribly nervous because I knew nothing.”

Eventhough Park Yoochun was a rookie as an actor, but he’s given many difficult and crucial lines. The drama later also received good reviews and shook deeply many women’s hearts. The brother furthermore mentioned that Park Yoochun even occasionally speak in the same tone as his drama character when he’s at home. “When he’s at home, he likes to speak in the same tone as Lee Seon-jun. Even his behavior often turns just like his role in the drama. Usually hyung as an entertainer is not the same as him at home.” Park Yoohwan explained.

While learning acting along with his brother, Park Yoohwan started to dream to become an actor. But it was not easy. When Park Yoohwan was watching Park Yoochun acting in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ he thought, “I can do something like that too.” without belittle the hardships of becoming an actor. Fortunately through an audition he finally gets a chance to actually start his own acting career. Park Yoohwan is currently casted in new MBC weeked drama ‘Shiny Shiny’ as role Lee Seo-woo.

Lee Seo-woo is a man who had experienced trouble while was living in United States. Yet as a man he keeps the pain in his heart, and doesn’t show his feeling in the outside. Park Yoohwan said, “Lee Seo-woo is the same character as me. He lived in United States and suffered the pain of discrimination. At home together with his family he’s a bright child, but in the outside he lived a painful life.” He expressed confidence in his character representation.

Still Park Yoohwan insists that he wants to learn acting even more thoroughly in the future. “One day I want to stand on the same stage with Park Yoochun hyung. Even if our characters become in rivalry setting, I think it’s going to be interesting. But of course I want to be the role who wins over him,” he jokingly said with smile on his face. But then with a determined expression he stated, “I want to win against hyung through acting.”

credit: newsen


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