SMtown Live in New York City has just ended and twitter is flooded with spazztic updates from the various fans of SMtown. It seemed that everyone really enjoyed the concert, and many of them were definitely blown away by TVXQ’s performance. Not only fans, even people from the entertainment industry also gave Yunho and Changmin their compliments.

(Please read from the bottom tweet)

Teddy Riley is a composer well known for his collaboration with Girls Generation for “The Boys”

David Yi is a writer for NYDailyNews

Johnny Noh is the CEO of 6Theory Media/Allkpop

Skysplat is a staff member at Allkpop

Looks like TVXQ has once again lived up to their “King of SMP” introduction. Definitely proud to see people recognizing and appreciating Yunho and Changmin’s hard work!


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