Who's more handsome????

JYJ, Actress Song Jiyo, and Actor Park Yoohwan recently participated in ELLE magazine’s charity project “Share Happiness” and took part of the December issue of the magazine, which was released on November 21st.

Because it was their first photo shoot together, brothers Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan could not contain their excitement. Park Yoochun teased about sending the photos from the shoot to his mother, and after the shooting was complete Park Yoohwan directly sent them to her. He stated in an interview “It’s an honor for me to be working with my sunbaenims on this shoot”.

Meanwhile, staff from ELLE magazine said “Despite being busy with advanced shooting and coming from their European tour, Kim Jaejoong drove his own car and arrived thirty minutes early to the shoot in order to help the staff.” They further said “He acted as team leader and took great efforts to care for the location and the atmosphere of the shoot. He showed us a cheerful image even when on breaks, and it left a deep impression with everyone.”

(parts already translated by JYJ3 omitted)

The full photo shoot for “Share Happiness” will be revealed in the December issue of ELLE in a 26-page editorial edition. They will also be released via the ELLE and CJeS websites on November 26th.


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