In a survey which is named ‘What would they do if they were not celebrities? Who makes you feel that s/he was born to be a celebrity when you look at him/her?’ conducted from Oct 25th to Nov 1st by community portal site DC Inside, Kim Jaejoong topped the list by obtaining 4,811 votes out of the total of 13,175 votes (36.5%).

Kim Jaejoong whose beautiful appearance, excellent singing and dancing skills were testified has recently enlarged his activity area as an actor and gained favor in viewers’ eyes.

Following him, singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong is No. 2 with 2,624 votes (19.9%). No. 3 is singer and actor Rain with 1,113 votes (8.4%) .

Super Junior Kim Heechul, actor Kang Dongwon, Big Bang G-Dragon, entertainer No Hongchul, ect. also appeared on the list.


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