KBS News aired a segment called “Celebrity Notebook” on the morning on November 2nd 2011. Here is the translation of Yunho’s cut.


The Best 3 “Brand-Name” Cameos in 2011 Chosen by Viewers

Citizen: “U-Know Yunho? U-Know Yunho.”

He was active in the drama “Poseidon”!

A cameo where he showed us bold action scenes and captured the attention of female viewers! It’s TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho-ssi.

Even with just a short appearance of 4 episodes!

U-Know Yunho-ssi showed off a cool image which was not lacking compared with the main leads in his cameo appearance. Choi Siwon-ssi even conveyed his gratitude.

Siwon: He doesn’t have enough rest with this original busy schedule, but even so, he showed off a cool image right till the end. I’m very thankful to Yunho-hyung to dedicate himself fully to the drama and it’s great. I want to tell him, “Hyung is no doubt cool!” and also to thank him.


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